Who can attend World Leaders Forum programs?

World Leaders Forum programs are open to Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers College students, faculty and staff. Registration is required to attend each event. Only registrants on the event's attendance list with proper identification will be admitted.

How do I register for a World Leaders Forum program?

Please go to the event listing, on the events page and click on the register button. Upon registering for a program, you will receive an email confirmation with further information.

Only registrants on the final attendance list with proper photo identification will be admitted.

I am on the waitlist for an event. What does this mean?

The event you have selected is at capacity. However, while on the waitlist you may have the opportunity to attend if space becomes available. You will be notified via email with details closer to the event date.

Why is there no register button appearing?

This means registration for this event has not opened yet.

I am having trouble registering. Who do I contact?

Please email worldleaders@columbia.edu or call (212) 851-7419.

How can I cancel my event registration?

If you are registered for an event and can no longer attend, it is important to cancel your registration to give others the opportunity to attend. Please refer to your original event confirmation email. You will find a link with directions on how to cancel registration. If you do not have your original confirmation email, please send an email to worldleaders@columbia.edu.

Can I register for more than one World Leaders Forum event?


Can I register for more than one person at a time?

No, each guest must register individually.

What is a UNI ?

Every Columbia University student, faculty member, and permanent staff member has a unique identifier consisting of their initials plus an arbitrary number. Please visit http://uni.columbia.edu/ to look up your UNI, activate your UNI, or get information on how to have your password reset if necessary. If you are still having trouble, visit http://www.columbia.edu/acis/support/.

Will I receive a ticket?

No. World Leaders Forum events are not ticketed. Upon registering for an event, your name will be added to the event's attendance list. Please note that registrants must bring a photo ID to the event. Only registrants on the final attendance list with proper photo identification will be admitted.

Will I need to bring my e-mail confirmation to the event?

No. The email confirmation does not serve as a ticket for admission to the event. You will be admitted only if your name appears on the event's registration list and you bring a photo ID.

Is there a fee to attend an event?

No, all World Leaders Forum events are free.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

We encourage you to frequently check the World Leaders Forum website as well as the Columbia University calendar for upcoming events that are posted throughout the year.

How can I make arrangements for disability access?

For more information about disability access in the University, please visit the Disability Access section under the FAQ or click here: http://www.worldleaders.columbia.edu/faq