Clayton K. Yeutter
Senior Advisor, International Trade at Hogan & Hartson

Clayton K. Yeutter participated in the World Leaders Forum event, The Uruguay Round and the WTO: What Have We Achieved?, in April 2006.

Ambassador Yeutter served as U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) from 1985-88, and while there led the American team in negotiating the historic U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement, the precursor to the North American Free Trade Agreement. He also helped launch the most ambitious trade negotiation in history, the 100-nation Uruguay Round, which culminated in the creation of the World Trade Organization.

While USTR, Ambassador Yeutter broadened the U.S. trade agenda to encompass for the first time serious global negotiations in services, intellectual property, and agriculture.

In 1989 Ambassador Yeutter was named Secretary of Agriculture. In that post he steered the 1990 Farm Bill through Congress, laying the groundwork for a far more market-oriented policy structure in American agriculture. In 1991 he was elected Republican National Committee Chairman, and a year later President Bush persuaded him to return to the administration in a Cabinet-level post as Counselor to the President.

From 1978-85 Ambassador Yeutter served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His tenure there was marked by innovation and growth which contributed to its evolution into one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Earlier in his career, Ambassador Yeutter held two Assistant Secretary of Agriculture posts under President Nixon and then served as Deputy Special Trade Representative under President Ford. He had previously been the Director of one of the world's largest agriculture technical assistance programs in Colombia, South America, after having served as Chief of Staff to the Governor of Nebraska.

Ambassador Yeutter presently serves as a Director of several major corporations, all of which are deeply involved in international commerce or international finance. He also is a frequent speaker and has written scores of articles and op eds, primarily on trade policy and agricultural policy.

Representative Experience
Major client activities include working with:

  • The U.S. poultry industry on a myriad of export issues, including market access challenges in Russia.
  • A large New Zealand dairy cooperative, on market access issues, particularly in Europe and the United States.
  • A coalition of agricultural groups, in developing the rationale and building support for immigration reform.
  • A large food industry trade association, on a number of food safety, farm policy, and trade policy matters.
  • A manufacturer of animal health products, on potential regulatory impediments in two foreign countries.
  • One of the nation's foremost conservation/environmental protection organizations, in developing a farm bill legislative strategy.
  • An association of Colombian agricultural producers, counseling them on various trade policy issues during negotiation of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
  • A U.S. company involved in a major commercial development in China, as it seeks to generate interest in and financial support for that project.
  • A Central American industry, in correcting a significant error by its own government during the CAFTA negotiations.
  • An innovative U.S. health care firm, as it begins to confront the regulatory requirements of various nations in which it hopes to market a new angiogenesis product.


Participated In

The Uruguay Round and the WTO: What Have We Achieved?

Date: April 5, 2006
Location: Low Memorial Library
The year 2005 marked the tenth anniversary of the World Trade
Organization and its dispute-settlement system. Several members of the
Appellate Body, in collaboration with academic and policy institutions, held a
series of regional conferences around the world in 2005 and 2006 to mark this
anniversary. In collaboration with the WTO, the North American conference was
held at Columbia University in April 2006. The conference brought together
an outstanding group of trade-policy leaders, academics, politicians, business
leaders, and prominent experts from around the world.