His Excellency Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera
President of the Republic of Costa Rica

Born in San José, Costa Rica, in 1958.  He is Professor of History and Political Science at the University of Costa Rica since 1981. He was Fulbright Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan-Flint (1983) and Research Associate at the Latin American and Caribbean Center of Florida International University (2000). He has been Deputy Director of the School of Political Science (1992-1994); Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences (2001-2002), and Director of the Central American Graduate Program in Political Science (2003-2004) at the University of Costa Rica. From 2004 to 2008 he was Regional Research Coordinator of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO). Professor Solís also served as Chief of Staff (1986-1990), Ambassador at Large for Central American Affairs (1994-1996) and Director General for Policy (1996-1998) at the Costa Rican Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He was Secretary General of the National Liberation Party (Social Democrat) in 2002 and 2003, which he eventually left due to serious ideological and ethical discrepancies. He is author or co-author of ten books and more than fifty scholarly publications in the fields of Costa Rican and Central American history, politics and international relations. His latest books are The United States and Central America: Geopolitical Realities and Regional Fragility (with Mark, B. Rosenberg, New York: Routledge Press, 2007) and El Crimen Organizado en América Latina y el Caribe (with Francisco Rojas Aravena, Santiago de Chile, FLACSO-Catalonia, 2008). From October 2008 to December 2010, Professor Solís served as regional representative of the Ibero-American General Secretariat for Central America and Haiti, based in Panama. In June 2013, Mr. Solís was elected party candidate of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) for the election in 2014, and became Costa Rica's forty seventh President of the Republic on April 6, 2014. In 2014, he received three honorary degrees from Duquesne University, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre (CATIE, in Spanish), and Renmin University of China, respectively. He lives in San José with his wife Mercedes and six children.

Source: Online biographical information provided by the Office of the President of His Excellency Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera.

Participated In

His Excellency Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, President of the Republic of Costa Rica

Date: September 23, 2016 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Location: Rotunda, Low Memorial Library
Description: This World Leaders Forum program features an address by His Excellency Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, President of the Republic of Costa Rica, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.