Merit E. Janow
Professor in the Practice of International Economic Law and International Affairs, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Merit E. Janow participated in the World Leaders Forum panel, Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making, April 2008.

Merit E. Janow is Professor in the Practice of International Economic Law & International Affairs at SIPA. Professor Janow is also Director of the International Economic Policy concentration at SIPA and Co-Director of Columbia's APEC Study Center. Professor Janow teaches graduate courses in international economic and trade policy at SIPA and international trade law and comparative/ international antitrust at Columbia Law School.

From 2003-2007, she served as a Member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization in Geneva Switzerland. She was the only North American Member and the first woman to serve on the Appellate Body, which hears final appeals in trade disputes under the rules of the World Trade Organization. During her tenure on the WTO, she reviewed more than forty appeals on diverse matters including agricultural subsidies, trade remedies, services, goods, among other areas.

Her previous government experience included serving as Executive Director of an international antitrust advisory committee to the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, U.S. Department of Justice (1997-2000) and earlier as Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative for Japan and China (1989-1993), where she was responsible for all bilateral trade issues between the United States and Japan and the PRC. Early in her career she practiced law at a major US law firm in New York.

She is a graduate of Columbia Law School and the University of Michigan. She is fluent in Japanese and is the author of several books and numerous articles. She currently also serves on the board of directors of several corporations and not for profit organizations.


Participated In

Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making

Date: April 2, 2008 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Low Memorial Library
President Lee C. Bollinger hosts a panel discussion with
Columbia University's distinguished alumnus, David Rothkopf (Columbia College
'77), on the topic of his provocative new book, Superclass: The Global Power
Elite and the World They Are Making.

The Uruguay Round and the WTO: What Have We Achieved?

Date: April 5, 2006
Location: Low Memorial Library
The year 2005 marked the tenth anniversary of the World Trade
Organization and its dispute-settlement system. Several members of the
Appellate Body, in collaboration with academic and policy institutions, held a
series of regional conferences around the world in 2005 and 2006 to mark this
anniversary. In collaboration with the WTO, the North American conference was
held at Columbia University in April 2006. The conference brought together
an outstanding group of trade-policy leaders, academics, politicians, business
leaders, and prominent experts from around the world.